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Saturday, June 29, 2002

Anybody remember when Kiel Phegley and I had that shouting match at work over The Beatles? It was pretty rad.

I saw two movies at the theater today... alone. Minority Report was pretty good.
David - 7:37:00 PM

Listen, you're free to prefer LTJ, but that Beatles comment was way WAY out of line.Hee hee, funny when it happens to David, though.
Mike Wilson - 3:08:00 AM

to be honest, i kind of like the fact that you like Bosstones more than LTJ, just cause it's more individual. everyone has their limit. Jason doesn't really like Mu330, but we all love it. I don't really like Bosstones, but you do. You don't really like Goldfinger, but we all do. David's favorite band is the Beatles, etc...
K.Steeze - 3:04:00 AM

Fuck that ska crap!
K.Steeze - 2:58:00 AM

Kevin, you ignorant slut.
Mike Wilson - 2:50:00 AM

Okay. Less Than Jake is way better. Oh my god they're better. No offense to Bosstones and all that they've done... but they're kind of the Beatles of ska.
K.Steeze - 2:45:00 AM

Friday, June 28, 2002

Listen, Less Than Jake is fucking awesome, it's just that The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are better. I know that most of you will disagree with me. What does this prove? That democracy doesn't work.
Mike Wilson - 11:16:00 PM

Steeze, no matter what the subject matter or sound of the new song, it should be titled, "Our Best Song Ever."
David - 11:02:00 PM

Hey kick ass! I just broke my A string again. It's kinda like how every super hero has a weakness... the Wonder Axe just can't handle having an A string. It's his Kryptonite. At least I broke it being productive this time... I've got a new song almost finished. No title yet.
K.Steeze - 7:34:00 PM

Anyway, so, I've actually got an idea now for Grandmother Story. Yes, yes, I know it's a month too late, but I'm still going to try to work on it and get it to Kevin by the end of next week. Also, I've been having some good ideas for In Search of the Perfect Lesbian; so, with luck I'll resume making real progress on that front, too. Hey, Steeze, if you ever want to write any other "Real News On the Street" articles for The Newsletter, please feel free.

Also, I love the new quote on the webpage. Bwa ha!
Mike Wilson - 1:25:00 PM

Getting the subject off of Star Trek...I remember seeing the trailer for the summers new blockbuster Like Mike and thinking, somebody would have to pay me to see that movie. Well...somebody did. Mandy's company paid me 30 bucks to watch and take notes on the audience reactions. I'm still trying to decide if it was worth it. From what I hear it is probably better than the new Star Trek flick. Whoops.
Adam - 12:59:00 PM

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Mike, think about it like this... Yoda fighting wasn't in the starwars trailers. In fact, most of the good stuff wasn't. Jar Jar WAS in the movie and similar to Janeway, only for a brief period. However, unlike Jar Jar, Janeway WILL totally ruin the movie.
K.Steeze - 10:06:00 PM

Star Trek: Nemesis might suck, but Mike's reasons by no means guarantee that it will be a bad movie. A) There are almost no Romulans in the trailer. It's just a trailer, and the first trailer for that matter. Sometimes it's good to leave the best stuff out of the trailer. B) Bullshit Janeway is in the movie. Janeway is bullshit, and her being in the movie does suck. But she'll only be in it for a bit and the part was written for some random admiral and they just plugged her in. It sucks and it will be painful to watch, but it won't make the whole movie suck.
You're focusing on the negative again, Michael. Be mindful.
David - 8:43:00 PM

Oh, yeah, blog. It is an odd word, but not a random one. World Wide Web. Log. Web. Log. Web log. Weblog. Blog! Neat, isn't it?
Mike Wilson - 6:54:00 PM

First off, I just watched the trailer for Star Trek: Nemesis. Fuck. To sum, here's why this movie is going to suck ass: a) no fucking Romulans (we see a grand total of ONE in the trailer... and the movie revolves around their HOMEWORLD!) and b) Janeway is an admiral and gives ORDERS to Captain Picard. Yes, friends, that's right, Star Trek is dead. There is no hope. At All. Whatsoever. Give up. Invest all of your love in Star Wars, because we know that George Lucas will never sell us out.

Second, I know this would have been a more appropriate rant in my personal blog, but, you know, whatever.

Thirdly, what the hell does "get fucked" even mean? Seriously!
Mike Wilson - 6:52:00 PM

Blog? What an odd name. See, here's the thing. Y'all need to get hooked on this game "The Sims." I tell you what, making them Sims dance and cook dinner and stuff is a blast. My Sims are like my special little friends. And if they piss me off, I can kill them in a kitchen fire. Then their ghosts haunt my living Sims. Oh, and it's like Utah. Polygamy is A-ok! Sarah bought me the game for our anniversary, and I've been playing it almost non-stop. She plays it, too. Blog to your mother.
Skip - 2:33:00 AM

I just watched the trailer for the new and tenth "Star Trek" movie due out this December. It looks interrresting. Evil elves? Dune buggies? Who's running?
Also, Kevin, get fucked.
David - 2:29:00 AM

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

David, it's spelled "Contra" you non-video game playing asshole :)
K.Steeze - 11:27:00 PM

So today at work some guys were talking about video games. The conversation quickly went to old video games, and from there to Kantra. Then they all recited the code. Best part of my day.
David - 7:48:00 PM

Help! Help! I'm stuck in the south!!!
K.Steeze - 7:03:00 PM

Last night, the order came down from High Command (Kevin and David) to create a Blue Tree Whacking blog. You'd think they would have picked somone with more (i.e. any) technical knowledge, but I guess that just wouldn't have been Steezy.
Mike Wilson - 6:40:00 PM

What in the world is this?
Liz - 6:35:00 PM

This is another test? Fuck, I don't know. Hopefully the timecode is fixed. Or, if not, that it will magically fix itself. When all else fails (and by that, I mean after your first half-assed attempt), pray for gnomes.
Mike Wilson - 6:34:00 PM

This is a test. This is only a test. In the event of an actual post, all sorts of crazy bells and whistles would be going off and, odds are, Zach Nie! would be running around with his pants around his ankles.
Mike Wilson - 6:30:00 PM




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